Fairmont Hotel


Welcome to Fairmont Hotel & The Manhattan Trading Co. A multi-faceted, mind-blowing experience of drinking, eating and entertainment. Think 1920’s prohibition, Manhattan, Jay Gatsby, an era of wild abandon, decadence, swanky parties, speakeasies and cop raids.

Having been transported by a dedicated express lift, guests enter into a vault of beveled mirror screens under a metal canopy where they are greeted by a beautiful hostess before making their  grand entry.

A large circular Tiffany blue glass grand stair encircles the triple height glass tower, which houses the DJ booth, and leads the guests up to a mezzanine floor to the main restaurant. It’s dramatic in both style and volume. The lower section is encased in an impressive selection of liquor, whilst inside the tower raised above the bottles the DJ works her decks. Its all show, and simply oozes 1920’s glamour.

Guests feel as though they have entered somewhere with a legacy. Rich Woods clad walls and deco moldings make the space feel exquisite and rich, a place for the social elite to gather. Oiled woods, beveled cut glass, and herringbone parquet floors add a touch of luxury. Leathers upholstered buttoned barstools, and high wingback loungers, timeless high quality furniture give the space a very solid and established feeling.

The Platform is a continuation of the main WoW bar space, tucked around the corner and under the mezzanine,  think Alley cats, jazz nights, gangster mobs and great escapes. This area has a more active social vibe. It is the ultimate spot to relax with your friends, both raw and refined.

A true Manhattan bar at 7m long, embellished with brass pipes, black metal trusses and a vaulted brick ceiling extending to the back wall of the bar, evokes a sense of back alley.

Deep blue vaulted alcoves line the windows providing cozy niches for privacy.  Step deep inside and the back wall looks like a bell boys’ trolley bursting over with vintage leather cases. One push of the trolley’s rich brass handle and a secret world of hand cut cigar and rare whiskies unfolds.

Secretly introducing Atelier,  a whisky and cigar bar hidden into the back of the Platform, cunningly disguised behind the wall of suitcases. An edgy raw interior with brick walls, neon lights, metal mesh cages, and old can lights set into the end of pipes run down the walls as make shift sconces.

The back bar is made of small leather valise cases, poised for that need to escape. The barmen are sharp and savvy and will mix up a whisky cocktail,  old school style.  Atelier is where your journey to discernment begins.

The Broadway Room is a gem for all occasions. From jazz nights, Burlesque shows, fashions catwalks, to private parties. The Broadway Room is where the constant is the unexpected. It oozes glitz and glamour.

The ceiling height allows for huge sashed windows and a recessed domed skylight in the centre.  Lined with gold guilded mouldings set against a rich dark blue timber panels, gives this lounge a regal status.

Oversized Mirrors and classical chairs with a modern twist give the space just a touch of the neoclassic, while Intricately moulded and detailed columns look as though they could have come straight out of a 1920’s Paris Ballroom. When word gets out, this will be the most sought after place to hold small events in the city.

MIKU, on the mezzanine, is a space for guests to indulge in superior culinary experiences.  It is dripping with 1920’s chic, balanced and sophisticated.  Champagne coloured draping screens above deep blue leather booths along the windows were inspired by the decadent long pearl necklaces of the deco era..

A semi private dining room is screened off with beveled glass lined in gold. Full deep blue leather wall panels are offset by the emerald green seating.

A further private dining room at the rear, in the same rich hues provides the VIP guests with an unprecedented view across the city of Chengdu. With its impeccable attention to detail MIKU is a place to dine with an unrivalled experience.


300  ( + 167 Mezzanine Level)
Cuisine: Simple Appetizers both local Chinese and international style, Large Grill Meals, Signature Chinese Style Dishes, Carving at the table.
Large Wine Selection, Specialty Whiskey Bar, Specialty Cocktail Bar.
Interior Design: IN-Dulge
Lighthouse bar tower with cocktail bar and DJ booth combined. Large sweeping staircase in Tiffany blue glass, Banquette and booth seating, Mini Ballroom, Mezzanine with fine dining restaurant and private Dining Rooms.