Project Type: Commercial, F&B
Location: Davos, Switzerland
Completion Year: 2021



Davos is known in the modern and historic world as a place of coalescence, where decisions are made and alliances are born. The experience begins with the idea of being transported to a different reality, a journey to a new place and a new way of thinking, through experiential, immersive design. An event space which combines the discovery of innovative technologies and tools to engage group thinking and cooperation.

Digital art, two-way mirrors, lighting, sound and scents create a magical act of theatre and an ambience filled with curiosity and wonder. Guests are guided through a sequence of carefully curated spaces.

With the stage set through atmosphere and ambience, the entry gallery leads to an ultra-lounge where guests relax in an otherworldly seating area, visualising a journey through time and space with a spectacular display of light and sound.

Oversized lit pivoting panels open to a Manhattan bar, wine cellar and Michelin worthy show kitchen suite, designed to host pioneering mixologists and multi-sensory chefs from around the world. Food brings people together; thoughts, ideas, dreams… Intimate private tables and a VIP dining room offer a unique, multi-sensory tour through culinary storytelling, flavour and aroma, promoting enlightenment and a further level of emotional engagement.

Wine Cellar designed in conjunction with ByBeau