Project Type: Hotel –F&B
Location: Hanoi, Vietnam
Completion Year: 2018

Angelina Bar


This bar is for the new breed; suave and sophisticated clientele, hungry for something new, to meet and mingle, to be inspired and uplifted.

The bar revolves around whisky and it was natural to inject a cleverly Celtic edge to the detail, Scotland being the home of whisky, the colour palette is inspired by the rugged hills of Scotland, in moss greens, amber yellow, and purple heather.

The charming, colonial architecture of the hotel encouraged an interior scheme that is mindful of its heritage and inspired an atmosphere of a bygone era with rich paneled walls and lush wallpaper.

The space, punctuated by numerous nooks and crannies, allowed us to create little corners of individual character. A delicately gilded high ceiling, offers the diners on the mezzanine level a dramatic view of the activity below and the impressive double height bar gantry.