Kennedy Town Hong Kong

Designed previously with Stickman Tribe Ltd

About the project

Shoreditch is a new British style restaurant and bar in a prime spot on the corner of Catchick and North streets, on the tramline and close to the waterfront in the district of Kennedy Town in Western Hong Kong island.

This is a fastly developing area within the port of Victoria Harbour, known as a busy bustling hive of local trade, historically full of chimneys from glass works, rope works and slaughter houses.

After substantial land reclamation, the area is increasing becoming popular with expats and tourists as an extension of trendy Central, Soho, and Sheung Wan districts.

Reminiscent of the Shoreditch area of London which has also developed into a popular district for boutique hotels, transformed old breweries, shops, galleries, bars and restaurants.

The name and brand emerged from the similarity and the personal developed into a quirky distressed bowler hat, supported with London style old brick walls adorned with custom graffiti graphics of the Kray brothers, hanging boxing gloves retired on the wall, and old street and way finding signs.

The bar looks like it emerged from a back alley, thrown together with hammered copper sheets, pipes and reused old wine boxes, in a organized chaos way.

Further design features to create this inviting industrial chic look are reinforced with a full floor-to-ceiling paned window façade, recycled raw timber flooring, open ceiling with exposed ducts and pipes, and a grey brick façade in a unique diagonal herringbone pattern.

The Shoreditch logo is printed on recycled timber planks mounted above the bar, and again on recycled hanging external signage. Attention to finite details such as table settings, the old tin buckets for wash basins with recycled liquor bottle soap dispensers and custom graffiti wallpaper were curated to compliment the interior.