Shangri-La, Shenyang China

Designed previously with Stickman Tribe Ltd

About the project

Shinsen is the pinnacle of the new impressive Shangri-La hotel, towering above the new commercial district of Shenyang, and directly across the street from the Gucci’s, Prada’s and Mui Mui’s of the elite new power financial house of China. Made up of 5 private Teppanyaki rooms, a small intimate A La carte area and a specialist Sushi and Sake bar, this venue hosts the best panoramic views of the historic city and the “Golden Corridor”, in a small cozy setting.

Shinsen is Shenyang’s modern East Asian restaurant that focuses on Teppanyaki, Sushi and Sake.  As the majority of the menu is focused around fresh fish, we wanted to create a restaurant that had a fisherman’s feel, while still obtaining an air of modernity and sophistication.

The name “Shinsen” means “fresh” so the cuisine and the setting reflect the freshness of the catch of the day, using the finest and freshest ingredients

Abstract fishermans’ nets are cast out across the vaulted ceiling, providing a canopy above the guests and casting shadows across the surfaces. These extend down to the entrances of the private Teppanyaki rooms.

The impressive sake display at the sushi bar is reflected in dark smoky glass and surrounded by a wall of textured ceramic with soft dramatic lighting.

Guests can choose to sit at the sushi bar and be served the freshest of sushi and sashimi selections, whilst watching the chefs prepare the various hot or cold sakes and sochos.

Ropes, knots and nets are subtly entwined in the interior to subliminally take the guests to sea, in a contemporary, textural envelope.  The lighting creates a calm, yet exciting mood and the overall atmosphere of the restaurant, which is reflected in the design, is welcoming, innovative and different to your normal Japanese outlet.

Long reeds embedded in the glass panels and sliding doors to the individual teppanyaki rooms reflect the sea bed and create a privacy screen.  These are lit from the floor level to create a soft dramatic light and to highlight the texture.