Japanese Restaurant

Raffles City Chongqing

About the project

In contrast on the main floor we have the power and excellence of the Samurai; Masterly and skillful.

The Samurai were famous for their talent with weapons and ‘never back down’ way of life. This comes across in the strong sense of motion and life in the main bar.

Woven and studded bronze panels form the walls, inspired by the decoration on the Samurai coats of arms.

A huge kinetic installation hangs above the central island bar, filling the space between the roof and the floor in a fluid spirited sense of movement, simulating the motion and power in the sword.

Further references are taken from the impermeable armour and imposing swords they used, in the shiny steel and the woven handles.

Samurai protected the land of the family clans, whose emblems were upheld and recognized. These “crests” are represented in cast stamps decorating the entrance and surrounding the main bar.

The lounge bar area takes stock of the full height volume of the conservatory and views below, whilst creating a cozy space within under a soft canopy of trees.

The outdoor terrace allows the guests to further marvel at the views whilst sitting in a Zen Japanese style garden, with large circular seating groups set in enclaves of sculpted shrubbery and rocks.

An outdoor cocktail bar serves guests brave enough to step out onto the cantilevered glass viewing deck hovering over the city below.

This restaurant plays host to no less than 6 different zones, each offering a unique experience, creating a separate dimension from ordinary life, impenetrable, intoxicating, and spellbinding.