Hilton Canopy

Competition Concept

About the project

IN-dulge were invited to create a new concept for the newly launched Canopy brand by Hilton Hotels. The first site in China is in Hangzhou, and the hotel is set to be a new fresh, playful and comfortable bridge between the lake on one side and CBD on the other. A home for both local and visiting guest to relax, work and play.

The interiors adopt a free flowing geometry, opening up the space on entry and allow views right through to the lake beyond. The diagonal is reflected in the set back of the mezzanine above and shadowed in the cut of the stone floor pattern.

The bar is the central hub of the space, offering a meeting point, and encircling a central feature staircase leading to the mezzanine.

The space flows from relaxed lounge zones, corners and pods to community areas with a more interactive high-energy vibe.

The café is light and airy, soaking in the light and views. The space is a chameleon, cleverly transforming itself throughout the day, and in the evening as the sunsets over the lake and the lighting is lowered to a more intimate level and the bar life kicks in.

A light warm wood corridor reaches the guestrooms with water ripples reflected in the carpet.  The entry to the room is a private lobby that can be closed off via a large sliding pocket door, providing the guest with a greater level of privacy.

The wet areas go against tradition, aimed at the new millennial, who treat the bathroom as a luxury and not a necessity. A glass island wardrobe is accessible from both sides, with a handy ledge to place a suitcase or layout the days outfit.

The ‘canopy’ wraps across the bed, continuing the strong geometric lines from the frame of the glass wardrobe, and the bed is the central statement, presenting itself as the artwork for the room.