Angelina Bar

Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi

About the project

This bar is for the new breed; suave and sophisticated clientele, hungry for something new.

We wanted to create a classic yet contemporary posh bar and whisky lounge in this part of the world.

Patrons that cross the threshold would enter a new old world; a place for cool, elite Hanoians to meet and mingle, to be inspired and uplifted.

The Angelina Bar revolves around whisky and it was natural to inject a cleverly Celtic edge to the detail, Scotland being the home of whisky, but we wanted to avoid the cliche of tartan upholstery everywhere.

The name Angelina also ties in winningly with the term the Angel’s Share which refers to the 3% evaporation of the whisky during the maturing process in porous oak barrels.

The architecture of the Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel further set the tone for Angelina.

The charming, colonial architecture of the hotel encouraged an interior scheme that is mindful of its heritage and inspired an atmosphere of a bygone era with rich paneled walls and lush wallpaper.

Nonetheless, we did not want to create yet another stereotypical colonial bar. So we challenged tradition by infusing daring shades of cerise, chartreuse, teal, moss green, heather and amber, which also mirror the amazing palette of the Scottish countryside.

The space, punctuated by numerous nooks and crannies, allowed us to create little corners of individual character that enhances the overall feel of the bar without clashing visually.

Description of Angelina Bar & Lounge Area

The Angelina Bar logo at the entrance glows with a halo effect in the evenings and is testimony to the fact that the holistic design approach produces more profound results. IN-dulge designed the branding, selected artwork, proposed tableware and designed the uniforms.

A double height ceiling, delicately gilded with mouldings, sets the stage for the patron who enters from the street. A gallery lined with geometric wrought iron railings overlooks the bar and allows the diners on the mezzanine level a dramatic view of the activity below.

Ethereal chandeliers from Moooi float above the bar, providing an indirect golden glow without blocking the spectacular view of the up-lit whisky and liquor display in the imposing bar back gantry. This display is further enhanced with a pewter painted crown moulding.

The ‘U’ shaped pewter topped bar engages guests on all three sides. The bar is surrounded by cement tiles in chartreuse, cream and deep blue geometrics that is traditional yet fresh. The chartreuse and teal is mirrored by the leather seat groupings that dot the space. The vibrant colours are inspired by the rugged hills of Scotland, in moss greens, amber yellow, and purple heather.

The walls are paneled in a cool grey and brass highlights have been added to present a subtle contrast. This juxtaposition appears throughout Angelina to provide a pleasing tonal proportion.

The mid-century decorative lighting gives a contemporary edge to the otherwise classical architecture. Nooks and crannies offer guests alternative corners to dine or drink in relative privacy, ensconced in luxurious Timorous Beasties wallpaper designed and produced in Scotland.

Armchairs, ottomans and wing back chairs covered in cerise and lime wools from the Scottish Isle of Bute feature in the whisky lounge.

The unconventional carpets are woven with Oriental motifs and overlaid with green and amethyst, as if paint had been irreverently poured over the rugs. Wing backs frame vapour fireplaces that can provide actual heat but is mainly for show in the summer.

Opulent Timorous Beasties wallpaper are framed on paneled walls and brass table lamps provide flattering low level lighting.

The whisky bar is surrounded by individually lit timber cases of privately owned whisky bottles. The decorative yet functional whisky bar serves the best selection of whisky by the glass in all of Vietnam.

Guests can enjoy a quieter dining experience on the mezzanine floor. High wing back arm chairs in teal leather provide a romantic setting for tete a tetes.

Enveloping the armchairs are woven teal and brass rod screens that is a nod to the bar’s Celtic background. The low ceiling level on this floor posed a challenge to designing an ornate ceiling but gilded moulding embellishments did the trick.

A grand dame of a VIP room offers the chance to host an exclusive private party of up to fourteen guests.

The dynamic hexagon configurations on the aubergine, moss and amber wool carpet reflects the hexagon moulding in the ceiling, which has been kept a creamy white.

A wine display graces a wall and a dedicated whisky and cocktail bar ensures an exclusive dining experience.


300  ( + 167 Mezzanine Level)
Cuisine: Simple Appetizers both local Chinese and international style, Large Grill Meals, Signature Chinese Style Dishes, Carving at the table.
Large Wine Selection, Specialty Whiskey Bar, Specialty Cocktail Bar.
Interior Design: IN-Dulge
Lighthouse bar tower with cocktail bar and DJ booth combined. Large sweeping staircase in Tiffany blue glass, Banquette and booth seating, Mini Ballroom, Mezzanine with fine dining restaurant and private Dining Rooms.